Mottura’s product range is marked by modern wines with a long history to tell. The history of an area that is one of its kind: Salento. These wines made from native grapes with their aromas and bouquets reflect the spirit of this land and all of its authenticity.

villa mottura

Villa Mottura

This range represents the ties between the Mottura family and its land, its love for tradition and its almost one century-long experience. They are classic, elegant wines with an antique flavour.

I Classici

A unique, special range of wines, made for the food service. Wines that are a token of Salento, where the Mottura family has been masterfully expressing the art of wine-making for almost one century.

Le Pitre

The wines in this range come from bush-trained vineyards and from hand-picked grapes. The maximum expression of the ancient knowledge and craft that our family has nurtured over no fewer than four generations, they are fine, elegant wines.


Unique, special selections, aromatic wines, structured yet powerful and the ultimate expression of the two “basic” grape varieties of Salento: Primitivo and Negroamaro Both wines have a modern, vigorous yet always elegant style that encapsulates the Mediterranean spirit.