Nero di Troia Puglia IGT

The Nero di Troia vine probably comes from the city of Troy in Asia Minor, probably re-founded in Puglia, in the province of Foggia by Greek colonists, even if one cannot fail to consider the hypothesis of one origin from the Albanian city of Cruja.
It is abundantly cultivated along the entire Apulian coastal area. The name “Nero di Troia” is actually a synonym of the grape variety “Uva di Troia”. The maturation period is late and is characterized by a set normally very high anthocyanin accompanied by a high tannin concentration. A full-bodied red wine is thus obtained normally structured, rich in polyphenols with a typically scent fruity and balsamic and typical and harmonious taste.

Serving temperature
16/18° C
Alcohol content
12.50% vol
Grape variety
Nero di Troia
Recommended glass
Medium-stemmed clear glass
Red with purple reflections
Generous and persistent, with hints of ripe red fruit and almonds
Food matchings
Red meats, cheese, cured meat

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