Tradition and passion:
the history of Mottura

Since 1927, Mottura Winery has been investing into the wine-making traditions of Salento and Italy, into the quality of its product and into modern and sustainable growth.

Our history

Our origins

It was 1927 when Pasquale Mottura, looking at the expanse of the vineyards he had earned himself, hectare by hectare, through sacrifice and dedication, decided to give new life-blood to the fruit of his labour by founding what would become one of Salento’s leading wineries.


After almost 100 years of history, in which the love of the land and care of the vineyards have been passed down as a precious legacy from father to son over four generations, today Mottura is a leading Winery in Puglia, an Italian excellence worldwide in the production of fine wines.

Mottura Winery is based in Tuglie, a small town in the south of Salento. It is still the original site, a beautiful late 19th century estate with a Baroque feel. Here is where wines are slowly aged in oak barriques and tonneaux, until the aromas, colours and atmospheres of their land have developed.
Success came quickly: by the 1940s Mottura wines were already leaving Tuglie, inside large hooped barrels, onboard trains bound for central-northern Italy, to the three plants in Naples, Rome and Milan, where Puglia wine was prized.
But the company wanted more, and in the Sixties became one of the first to bottle its wines. So right from the outset, the goal was what would always mark the Mottura label: to combine large numbers and real, honest quality.
But when you have been producing wine day after day for four generations, you are always ready for new challenges, offering products that are more and more innovative and competitive in terms of quality, while maintaining respect for italian tradition, a tradition that is thus revitalised.

Identity Card

Founded in 1927
4 generations at the company helm


A production site of 250 hectares
Vines up to 60 years of age
A winery capacity of 4,000 tons


Over 1,500,000 bottles per year
23 types of wine
IFS (International Food Standard -Higher Level)
Integrated Production

Distinctive features
Extremely high quality distribution in all continents, particularly concentrated throughout in Italy, Germany, United States, China and Russia.

Mottura Winery philosophy

Right from its inception, and with an ambitious plan and high qualitative goals, Mottura Winery has been committed to enhancing the value of native vine species, such as Primitivo and Negroamaro, confident in their power of expression.
The winery has also dedicated itself to preserving ancient and traditional practices, including the production of rosé wine alongside red wine.


For Mottura, respect for tradition goes hand in hand with new professional skills and technological innovation, firmly believing that it is possible to combine large numbers with quality.

Mottura wants to offer its consumers a wine that is also the emotion of a history that lives on, a tradition that never dies and which combines modernity with its roots.

The People

Pasquale Mottura

After extensive experience in a large company, Peroni Spa., first as Sales Manager and later as Commercial Manager, he returned in 1999 to work in the family business, one that he had always taken in interest in and had a place in his heart. He stayed at the company helm until his passing in 2017. A visionary entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of the market, he guided Mottura through its most important period of growth.

His legacy lives on and is still exemplary.

Antonio Mottura

Director and Production and purchasing manager
He spent his formative years between his studies and gaining experience at the winery, which he was devoted to from an early age. He is and has always been constantly committed to his father’s company, tackling even the challenging growth paths of a business that in just a few years was transformed into a production unit structured in line with the criteria of major, modern wineries. Since the early 1980s he has guided the company through its upgrading and growth, in step with the innovation that has marked wine making in Salento.

Barbara Mottura

Marketing Manager
The daughter of Pasquale Mottura, she graduated as a sommelier from the AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) in Rome and obtained a university degree. Passion for the world of wine runs through her veins, like a genetic legacy passed down from one generation to the next. Having attended the Master in Wine Business course at MIB in Trieste, she joined the company as Quality Control Manager in 2000, bringing new life blood to growth plans. Today she is Sales Marketing Manager, and has been on the board of the Puglia Wine Tourism Movement since 2014.

Teodosio D’Apolito


He developed his passion for viticulture and wine-making when he was a child, following his father, a vine grower for three generations, in the vineyards. He immediately decided that would be his future and embarked upon that professional career. He first attended the Agrarian Studies Institute in Lecce, where he graduated with top marks, and then the Viticulture and Oenology Course at the University of Pisa, graduating with honours. As a new graduate he turned down a prestigious job in a major Tuscan company to go back to his home region, Puglia, and devote himself to the wines of his land. He worked in collaboration with leading wineries in the area, forging professional relations with Mottura.