We invest into the quality of our wines, we respect tradition and our consumers,
we work towards sustainable development with a close eye on Italian and international markets.

Our wines

Mottura wines are modern, but have a long history to tell. It is the history of Salento, a unique place, rich in cultural and food and wine traditions. Our wines are made from native grapes such as Primitivo and Negroamaro: their aromas and bouquets reflect the spirit of this land, its authenticity and its energy.

Tradition and passion:
the history of Mottura

After almost 100 years of history, in which love for the land and care of the vineyards have been passed down as a precious legacy from father to son over as many as four generations, Mottura is now a leading company in Salento, an Italian excellence worldwide in the production of fine wines.

The company has always been based in Tuglie, a small town in the south of Salento. It is the original site, a beautiful late 19th century estate with a Baroque feel. This is where our wines are slowly aged, in oak barriques and tonneaux, until the aromas, colours and atmospheres of their land have developed.

Quality and sustainability
since 1927

For Mottura, total supervision and control of the production chain is the guarantee of product safety: from the vineyard to the table, right through the phases of vinification, ageing and bottling.

Safety and sustainability have always formed the basis of our philosophy. In fact, we have been following and promoting the Integrated Production Protocol for many years now. The protocol involves the exclusion of any product that may pose risks to the health of farmers, producers and consumers, strictly limiting the use of synthetic pesticides.