Mottura vini del Salento


From non-irrigated vineyards planted on poor soils, calcareous and rich in iron oxides. Grown with the ancient “alberello” system which naturally has a low yield but a great concentration and organoleptic complexity.
A Negroamaro with a strong character but delicate on the palate. The name and image on the label refer to the icon of the “Rosone”, a circular decorative window present on the facades of Romanesque,Gothic and Baroque churches. An explosion of architectural decorations rich in symbols that tell a reality full of facets. It is in these elements that the history of a territory is hidden that famous Guido Piovene defined “an infinite plain of embraces and sea breezes, a land of mirages and sweetness”. The symbolic meaning of the “Rosone” is closely related to the circle which, as an “infinite line”, without beginning and without end, is a symbol of God, and of eternity.