Mottura vini del Salento
Tuglie, where Mottura is born

Only ten kilometres from the coast of Gallipoli and just under 40 km from Lecce, Tuglie is located inland on the southern Salento peninsula. The town has very ancient origins, as demonstrated by the four menhirs found there in open country. The area was first settled in Roman times: the “Grotte Passaturi” or “Old houses” were, according to some historians, the homes of the Tulli people.
The village is surrounded by green countryside and offers a great wealth of cultural assets: from the Radio Museum, the first of its kind in southern Italy, to the Museum of Farming Civilisation set up in the Ducal Palace, the 17th century palace of the Venturi dukes.

The Mottura Winery is located in a splendid late 19th century villa on a country estate, with balconies carved in stone in the Baroque style and cellars supported by barrel vaults, which have preserved the secrets of the family-run winery for the past 80 years.

Tuglie, like the better-known Otranto, was affected by the drama of Ottoman occupation after 1480, an event which made a deep mark on the culture, language and art of the Salento. The feud of Tuglie, razed to the ground by the Ottomans, was abandoned for a long time: stands of thuja cypress trees grew in the district of Passaturi, and legend has it that the village that grew around the Baron’s palace was named Tuglie after these trees.

The historic centre of Tuglie has a Baroque piazza surrounded by courtyards and 18th century palaces surrounded by woods. In the laneways of the historic town centre one can see the old wells, known as pileddhe (stone tubs), the focaliri (old chimneys) and the characteristic arches joining the houses together and framing the ancient courtyards of Tuglie.

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