Mottura vini del Salento
Mottura is official sponsor of Notte della Taranta 2011

6 agosto 2011

Mottura wines once again stole the show at Salento’s main summertime event, Notte della Taranta, that bewitching night when, bitten by that alluring and captivating spider, hundreds of thousands of people are drawn close to this magical culture.

The rhythm of the tambourine drives you: music therapy that echoes the rites and legends of this land’s rural history. Tambourines, traditional griko songs, whirling dances that never end, taking you, trancelike, to the very limit, to the sublimation of the taranta’s poison. Every summer the Notte della Taranta starts here, at the very roots of the Salento area’s love and warmth, a plant giving life to the great Mottura wines, since always in complete harmony with the history and culture of this territory.

A legendary Salento company, founded in 1927 in Tuglie, Mottura has always been committed to valorising native vines, such as the Primitivo and the Negroamaro, and to maintaining ancient and traditional processes such as that of the rosé and moscato reale. Four generations of a family dedicated to producing great wines, widely distributed to bring Salento’s unique and authentic spirit to the tables of Italy and the world.

Mottura followed the entire event and offered its best products backstage, among which: the reds Negroamaro Le Pitre Villa Mottura and Primitivo di Manduria Mottura, the White Le Pitre Villa Mottura and the Rosé of Mottura negramaro grapes. They also presented the new Extra Dry Sparkling Rosé of Mottura negramaro grapes. Dynamic, full-bodied, with a delicately fruity flavour and intense fragrance of cherry, sour black cherry and raspberry, the Mottura Sparkling Rosè, produced in Salento from only native vines, was the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful 2011 Notte della Taranta party in a triumph of bubbles.

Salento Mottura wines are known and recognised throughout the world. Here are just a few of the most important awards won this year:


Vinitaly 2011 (Italy) – Special MentionPrimitivo Le Pitre 2008

Decanter Word Wine Awards 2011 (England) – Gold medalNegroamaro Le Pitre 2008

Vianlies 2011 (France) – Silver MedalPrimitivo di Manduria Villa Mottura 2007

Femmes et vin du Monde 2011 (Monaco) –

 – Silver Medal – Primitivo di Manduria Villa Mottura 2007

Selectiones Mondiales Des Vins 2011 (Canada) – Silver Medal – Primitivo Le Pitre2009

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