Mottura vini del Salento
The People

Pasquale Mottura

Chairman of the company and head of management and development
Following a brief stint as proprietor of a food marketing company in supermarket distribution, Pasquale accepted a position as Peroni’s Sales Manager and then Marketing Manager. He worked for Peroni Spa for ten years between 1988 and ’98, gaining experience and making important contacts. In ‘99 he took over the family business, which had always had a place in his heart, and which he had never neglected even when working elsewhere.


Antonio Mottura

Director of production and purchasing
Antonio divided his time between his studies and experience in the winery from a young age. He has always worked hard for his father’s company, addressing the challenges of growth for a company that has rapidly been transformed into a complex production facility to rival any of today’s great modern wineries. He has overseen the company’s growth and renewal since the early ’80s, keeping up with innovations in wine-making on the Salento peninsula.


Barbara Mottura

Quality Control and Marketing Manager
Pasquale Mottura’s daughter Barbara earned her Sommelier diploma at the Italian Sommeliers’ Association in Rome at the same time as her university degree. The passion for wine runs in her blood, handed down from generation t0 generation. Solidly linked with the traditions of the land where she was born and grew up, Barbara is convinced that technological innovation and modernity are essential guarantees of product quality. Following a series of important professional experiences abroad, she joined Mottura in 2000 as head of Quality Control, contributing new energy to its plans for growth.


Marta Mottura

Head of Management Control
Mottura believes and invests in new generations, and likes to make the most of the skills and abilities of promising young people such as Marta Mottura by putting them in positions of responsibility. At 24 Antonio’s daughter Marta was already in charge of management control for the company and marketing of the Le Pitre line all over Italy. Marta is graduated in Economics and Business Administration at Università Cattolica in Milan and has a diploma from the Italian Sommelier Association in Milan, and has always dreamt of working for her family’s business. It’s a dream come true, but also a challenge, for a woman as young as her: helping to make the company’s brand more and more competitive, and more and more widely respected.


Sergio Paternoster

A highly dedicated, experienced professional, with a deep knowledge of the Southern’s Italian indigenous varietals. He has been working with Mottura since 2009, contributing his careful supervision to creation of truly prestigious quality products.


The prestigious results achieved so far are the result of teamwork, not just of our united team of technicians but of everyone who believes in achievement of Mottura’s goals for growth.


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