Mottura vini del Salento

Mottura has always set itself ambitious quality goals, convinced of the expressive power of native local grape varieties such as Primitivo and Negroamaro and committed to continuing ancient wine-making traditions such as rosé and moscato reale.
Mottura wishes to offer consumers wines that offer the emotions of a history that continues, a tradition that has never been interrupted, reconciling modernity with its roots in tradition.

The challenge of the third millennium is proceeding with gradual introduction of technological innovation while maintaining the wine-growing and wine-making traditions that have made the history of viticulture on the Salento peninsula. The winery’s new projects aim to make the most of the potential of local grape varieties, optimise the relationship between terroir and vineyard and improve genetics with research into clones.

Mottura views overseeing all aspects of the production process as an essential key to guaranteeing product quality: from the vineyard to the consumer’s table, via the processes of wine-making, ageing and bottling, control of the entire production process allows Mottura to reconstruct the history of all of its wines.

In short, the directions of the company’s policy are:

  • constant commitment to improving the quality of production processes
  • a corporate strategy aimed at maintaining the correct price to quality ratio
  • a special focus on environmental impact and the demands of the market


This competitive edge allows the company to be the best guarantor of its own products.

Mottura’s quality and food safety procedures have been certified under international BRC (British Retail Consortium – Grade A) and IFS (International Food Standard – Higher Level) standards.

Events ProWein 2022

27 – 29 marzo 2022, Düsseldorf


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