Mottura vini del Salento
The Winery

Mottura’s historic winery is located in Tuglie, in the province of Lecce, representing a typical example of late 19th century industrial architecture.

The winery’s modern equipment coexists with the building’s marvellous ancient cross vaults. The functional restored winery is where the wine is aged in steel and in oak casks before being bottled and stored.

The winery in Tuglie has a storage capacity of 8000 hectolitres and boasts all the most advanced wine stabilisation technologies. The winery’s top wines are aged in oak casks in the barrel cellar. All areas are temperature controlled to guarantee optimal product conservation.

The modern bottling line is operated using procedures which protect product quality and preserve the properties of the product from the vineyard to the wine cellar.


The facility also includes two testing laboratories: more than 80 tests are conducted at various stages in production, from the vineyard to the bottle.


The wine-making centre in Novoli is fitted with the most advanced equipment  of fermentation and maceration technologies.
The progress of fermentation is checked by analytic controls and a systematic tasting campaign.

Events ProWein 2022

27 – 29 marzo 2022, Düsseldorf


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