Mottura vini del Salento

The Land

Tuglie, where Mottura is born

Only ten kilometres from the coast of Gallipoli and just under 40 km from Lecce, Tuglie is located inland on the southern Salento peninsula. The town has very ancient origins, as demonstrated by the four menhirs found there in open country. The area was first settled in Roman times: the “Grotte...


The Salento Peninsula is the tip of the heel of Italy, a place where different peoples and cultures have succeeded one another over the centuries: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs. A tongue of earth surrounded by the Mediterranean, lapped by the Ionian Sea on one side and the Adriatic on the...

Local Varietals

PRIMITIVO The name of this grape is a reference to its early maturation, at the end of August or the beginning of September. These grapes are grown bush trained, and also trellis trained, in the Taranto area, on the Salento peninsula and around Gioia del Colle, near Bari. This varietal is of...


Mottura’s vineyards are located in the particular terroir bounded by the towns of Cellino San Marco, Campi Salentina, Salice Salentino and Squinzano. The soil in these areas has a historic vocation for growing the autochthonous vines of Puglia, rich in iron giving it a characteristic reddish...

Events ProWein 2022

27 – 29 marzo 2022, Düsseldorf


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